Vitacare Coffee 200 gm Can(Freeze Dried)

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Product Type  Coffee
Brand  Vitacare
Weight  200 Gm
Delivery Time   2 days


Vitacare Coffee 200 gm Can(Freeze Dried)itacare instant freeze-dried coffee is better in quality since it is able to retain the original flavor. Spray-dried coffee loses some of its flavor and aroma, resulting in a lower-quality coffee powder that can taste more burnt. Furthermore, ordinary instant coffee has a shorter shelf life than freeze-dried coffee.

In freeze-drying, the coffee extract is frozen to about – 40°C and cut into granules. The frozen granules are then dried at low temperature and under vacuum. The quality of the aroma and flavour are protected by the very low temperature and gentle drying

2 reviews for Vitacare Coffee 200 gm Can(Freeze Dried)

  1. Md. Mahbub Ul Alam

    Amazing product quality. Authentic taste. Delivery system is also Very nice.

  2. captainnemoprince

    Reduce the price

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