Vitacare Coffee 200 gm Glass Jar


Brand    Vitacare
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*Vitacare 200gm Coffee Jar

*Vitacare Caffeleit Coffee Creamer

Mix 2/3 teaspoon (20 grams) of coffee powder in a cup of hot water and stir well until completely dissolved,

then add Caffeleit coffee creamer and sugar as needed, stir well and enjoy hot coffee.

If You want to make black coffee then you don’t have to add caffeleit coffee creamer.


  1. Vitamins and Calories 3 tablespoons per 20 grams)
  2. Calories:15 grams
  3. Fat:0 g
  4. Carbohydrates:3 grams
  5. Sodium:35
  6. Sugar:2g
  7. Protein:1g
  • Premium Quality.
  • Coffee for Creative people.
  • Weight : 200gm.
  • Produced From Vietnam.


  • Keep away from sunlight. Close the container well after use. Store in a dry and cool place (but not in the refrigerator). Keep out of reach of children. It is advised not to take directly in the mouth in powder form. Be especially careful not to scald children. Not applicable for children below 1 year of age.




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