Vitacare Olive Oil (Can) Extra Vargin 500 ml

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 Brand  Vitacare
 Olive Oil Extra Vargin
Product of  Spain
 Unit Count   500 ml
 Delivery Time  2 days


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Product : Olive oil
Brand : Vitacare
Pack Size : 500 ml
Product of Spain
Extra Virgin Oil
This Olive Oil imparts light but flavorful notes of spicy pepper and fresh herbs into your dishes. It’s great for cooking – it even stands up well to high frying temperatures. Recommended for dipping,creating dressing and marinades and drizzling over finished dishes.

1 review for Vitacare Olive Oil (Can) Extra Vargin 500 ml

  1. chowdhuryjothi73

    Thanks for good discounted price, good quality and authentic product with careful package

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